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The formation and expression of long-term memory (LTM) requires complex interplay between gene products, synapses, neurons, and distributed cellular networks. The long-term goals of my research program are to: (i) determine how gene expression activated during learning modifies and stabilizes the neuronal ensembles involved in LTM storage, (ii) gain insight into the dynamic cell network interactions critical for the encoding, storing, and retrieval of memory representations, and (iii) provide a more detailed understanding of how interactions between the immune and nervous systems alter cognitive function in healthy and pathological brain states. To achieve these goals, we use a cross disciplinary approach, integrating multiple levels of focus including systems-, behavioral-, and molecular neuroscience. Together, findings from this broader research program will allow integration of cutting-edge findings into key neurobiological pathways supporting memory with an understanding of how these pathways are impacted by neurological disease and brain insult.