Core Classes

INP was designed to provide a broad background for students. Core courses from three major areas of modern neuroscience, Molecular- (M), Cellular- (C), and Systems- (S) are available. To fulfill the requirements of the program, a trainee must successfully complete one course from each of the categories: molecular, systems, and cellular categories. Those courses that carry more than one designation (see table below) can only be counted as fulfilling one of the three category requirements for any given trainee.





Systems Neuroscience (S)
(N&B 208A and A&N 210A)
Cellular Neuroscience (C)
(N&B 207)
Physiology of Ion Channels (C)(M)
(P&B 232)
Molecular Neuroscience (M)
(N&B 206)
Neurotransmitter and Drug Receptors (C)(M)
Pharm 252)
 Chemical Transmission (S)(C)(M)
(Pharm 255)
 * Other Pharm Grad Courses are: Intro 254, Exp Pharm 251Developmental Genetics (C)(M)
(DC 210)
 Neurobiology and Behavior
(N&B 209)
Conduct of Research
M&MG 250)

Additional Class Requirements

All INP students participate in the Foundations of Neuroscience course. This mandatory course meets in the Fall and Winter quarters and is intended to expose students to critical reading and analysis of the primary literature.

Conduct of Research is a mandatory course in addition to all core classes and meets in the Spring quarter and does not qualify as one of the major groups.