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Core Courses

Core Classes

INP was designed to provide a broad background for students. Core courses focus on four major areas of modern neuroscience: MolecularCellularSystems, and Behavioral. To fulfill the requirements of the program, a trainee must successfully complete the Molecular, Systems, and Cellular courses. INP students joining the department of Neurobiology & Behavior need to enroll in the Behavioral Neuroscience (NB 209) course in the Spring. Other course options in the Spring include Physiology of Ion Channels (P&B 232) and Developmental Genetics (DC 210).

All INP students participate in the Foundations of Neuroscience course. This mandatory course meets in the Fall and Winter quarters and is intended to expose students to critical reading and analysis of the primary literature.

Conduct of Research is a mandatory course in addition to all core classes and meets in the Spring quarter and does not qualify as one of the major groups.

Example INP Student Schedule


Systems Neuroscience (NB 208A and AN 210A)

Molecular Neuroscience (NB 206)

Foundations of Neuroscience
(NB 202)


Cellular Neuroscience
(NB 207)

Foundations of Neuroscience (NB 202)


Behavioral Neuroscience
(NB 209) (Required if entering NB)

Conduct of Research (MMG 250)

Physiology of Ion Channels (PB232) (Optional Grad Course)