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Our research focuses on the dopaminergic system and in particular on the signaling mediated by one of the dopamine receptor, the D2 receptor (D2R)
one of the major receptor of the system. We cloned and characterized the mouse D2 receptor and discovered the presence of two alternatively spliced isoforms. Importantly, we were the first to generate constitutive knockout and cell-specific mouse models for the study of D2R as a whole or of each specific isoform or in specific neuronal types as documented in the following publications. Studies in my laboratory are clarifying complex neuronal circuits that control striatal responses affecting motor behavior and reward to food and addictive substances. In addition, we are elucidating mechanisms that underlie dyskinesia following long-term use of antipsychotics to treat schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders (tardive dyskinesia) or in response to the
long-term L-DOPA therapy of Parkinson’s disease.